4 October 2014




16 September 2014

An Idle Complaint

What direction is our society heading to? What is the force that leads us, technology or humanity? What is the intrinsic value of the life that is running after images and convenience? What is valuable to me is the time and the moment that I can enjoy rainy day eating Pa-jeon (traditional Korean pancake) and drinking Makgeolli (traditional Korean drink) on rainy days. If for some unavoidable reasons I am permitted to do that, what is the point of my life? The spammed life style all over the news don’t respect each individuals. We tenaciously observe the movement that is created and curated by a certain capital, however we never argue.


사회전체를 이끌어가는 힘이 테크놀로지인가 인문학이어야하는가? 편리함을 쫏는삶에 어떤가치를 두어야하나? 나는 비오는날 한잔 막걸리와 파전한점이 그렇게 소중한데 그것을 누리지 못한다면 내인생은 무엇을 말할수있나? 우리사회의 주체성은 어디로가고있나? 뉴스에 도배된삶의 양식은 개개인을 존중하지않는다. 자본에의해 생성된 움직임을 관찰하지만 논하지않는다.


8 September 2014

Resonance of humanity. Reality cannot beat real.

인간의 울림. 현실성은 현실을 이길수 없다.


24 August 2014