Born: Busan, South Korea
Live and Work: London, UK



Feeling of being a person with a daily life (2015

I see my work as a means of recognising the existence of oneself in a much bigger society. To reach the point where my ideas grow to physical objects, it starts from many memories and images of daily life that being either personal or general, these images grow into ideas, these ideas go through a number of steps of finding distinguishing moments. During the process, I, who as a person with my daily routine making a living in London, I focus on a certain status that makes me believe that there are overlooked moments of existence in ordinary memories and images. These moments, which bear the explosion of feelings and thoughts. The moments that give us a chance to have a time…

Although each person has different speed of seeing or discerning, I believe we all deserved to be more than just a being. Thus, my work keeps asking where do we by touch and discover these moments. In addition, I wish to capture and recreate these moments exists through my work as opposed to the volatility of the current.

September 2015